Web Tool Development

While serving as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the State Climate Office of North Carolina (NCSCO), I had the opportunity to create multiple web-based decision support tools. These tools sparked my interest in learning more programming languages and the strength of scripting in general which led to me pursuing a Computer Programming minor while at North Carolina State University.

Below are some of the projects I created, assisted by staff members, while at the NCSCO.

Thrips Infestation Predictor for Cotton

An on-line tool that can be used prior to planting to obtain predictions of risk that damaging thrips populations will occur. These predictions are both planting date and location specific. The information provided by the tool can be used to optimize selection of thrips management measures for individual fields and to prioritize scouting based on risk of exposure to damaging thrips populations; leading to more efficient allocation of time and resources for thrips control among planting dates and locations.

In the Media:

Tobacco Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Tool

Hurricane: Statistics Page


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